Success Stories

One Architect. Three Successful Integration Projects.
"I was introduced to the Universal Data Model in 1997 when I was the enterprise data architect at Janus Funds. Len provided his Universal Data Model (UDM) as a solution to help us consolidate data from multiple and disparate databases. The challenge was to separate data from legacy applications and to position it for universal access. The business had grown to a point where a multitude of FoxPro applications/databases had to be replaced with a more optimal set of applications, and the the data moved to an enterprise Oracle platform. The UDM provided the perfect template for doing this.

My next deployment of the UDM was at Cendant Galileao, a large travel global distribution systems (GDS) company. We needed an enterprise data model (EDM) to support the shared travel platform. The shared travel platform business domain model had to correspond to the EDM and it required common business entities across services. The UDM provided the flexibility to categorize party, transaction and product information. The UDM worked well at accommodating different roles that people and organizations assumed. For instance, an airline could assume the role of a travel supplier and a travel agent in the same transaction. The UDM party roles and relationships sorted out these complexities and could accommodate any type of travel transaction.

Presently, I'm at CaridianBCT, a medical device manufacturer. I'm using the UDM as it was purchased through Embarcadero. The UDM is in the form of an ER/Studio data model with all corresponding metadata. The challenge here is to take the current environment from multiple data stores with varying forms of customer and product data and consolidate it into a single, enterprise master data repository. The master data repository will be positioned as an information service for any subscribing service to consume. This includes a brand new enterprise data warehouse, a field service application, global ERP system and manufacturing applications. This manufacturing firm is experiencing tremendous growth where the IT shop has gone from small and local to having to support a $1 billion, global company. This means positioning the data assets in the most efficient manner is critical. The UDM has provided an excellent jump start to achieving our goal of having a "gold copy" of enterprise data."

Wes Bennett, Enterprise Architect

Tailored Designs within 10 Business Days
"Within a short period of 10 business days, Mr. Len Silverston delivered a corporate data model repository using his extensive library of universal data models and data warehouse designs that was tailored to A I M Management Group, Inc., a 30 billion dollar organization. Mr. Silverston’s expertise proved invaluable to the success of our projects."

Ted Kowalski, Author of ‘Opening Doors: A Facilitator’s Handbook’ and formerly head of data administration for A I M Management Group, Inc.

Red Robin Wins Technical Excellence Award Thanks to UDM
"Red Robin International has recently been recognized in the restaurant industry for technical excellence and was awarded the Team Excellence Award by Nation’s Restaurant News in part because of the Data Warehousing project led by Len Silverston of Universal Data Models. This project jump started Red Robin International into the data mining analysis very quickly and at a relatively low cost thanks to the templates provided by Universal Data Models and their existing models. Our business partners – Finance and Operations were quick to see the advantages and with little or no learning curves were producing cost saving reports that increased Red Robin’s bottom line so that the implementation costs were covered in a matter of weeks!"

Howard Jenkins, VP-MIS "Of Service"
RED ROBIN INTERNATIONAL, Corporate Support Center

Pueblo Community College Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
"Data Warehousing, we hardly knew how to spell it. Given the charge to develop a Data Warehousing facility for 14 community colleges, we invested considerable time in researching options. Microsoft was extremely interested in our project and was instrumental in our getting to know Len Silverston.

After my initial meeting with Len, we entered into a contract that in the long run would save the Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Len concentrated his expertise into organizing our pilot project and helped coordinate our meetings with the various constituents representing various areas of the colleges, such as: Business Managers, Student Services, Institutional Research, etc. Len's ability to coordinate, document, set direction, keep timetables and instruct my project team in the initial designs of the project were priceless. This management of the project enabled my technical staff and myself the time to concentrate on a prototype project. Without his guidance, this project would most likely still be in the development stages and costing us dearly in time and expenditures."

Joseph L. Misiaszek, Manager of Information Technology
Pueblo Community College