Key Benefits of Universal Data Models


World leader in re-usable, proven templates and models for data managementWhy re-invent the wheel? UDM brings a great deal of experience as well as re-usable templates, models and tools for data strategies, data models, data governance, and organization change management that we have successfully applied to many organizations worldwide.


Great Value. We pride ourselves on providing great value to our clients by applying our industry leading expertise and tools to help clients get substantial returns on their investments in IT. We are all about supporting the business and how we can help our clients by enabling IT to improve and support the business.


100% Client Satisfaction – We are dedicated towards achieving 100% client satisfaction and we have a long term record of exceeding client expectations and delivering top quality service. We are committed to doing whatever that is in our power to continue providing unparalleled satisfaction.


Tremendous Savings in Time and Costs - UDM has continually refined the approach, templates, and models and has helped many organizations develop their data management programs in a fraction of the time that it would normally take, while increasing the quality of their efforts by re-using models, templates and tools.


Best Selling Books and Publications  - Clients often supplement our consulting and training by using our books,  ‘The Data Model Resource Books, volumes 1, 2, and 3, which provide comprehensive models, documentation, and tools that our clients can use as a clear guide towards understanding the rationale behind many of our  ‘Universal Data Models®’ and Universal Patterns TM. The Volume 1 book was rated as #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller list. We also have published dozens of articles regarding various aspects of data management and data modeling.


Comprehensive training programs focused on self-sufficiency and knowledge transfer – UDM provides comprehensive and extensive training courses in data management, data governance, data modeling, and organizational change management. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job through knowledge transfer so that our clients are not dependent on us and are self-sufficient.


Software and Tools such as the Universal Data Model Repository and Comprehensive Data Governance Training Curriculum – UDM provides and licenses software and tools that complement our consulting and training services, for example, the Universal Data Models offers a comprehensive data model repository of over 230 data models and data warehouse designs to help offer re-usable models and alternatives for modeling various structures. We also have a very comprehensive self guided and/or on-site data governance training and certification program.


Experience, expertise, and universal models in manufacturing – UDM has a great deal of experience working with many manufacturing organizations over the years  and has applied our templates, models, and experience to help manufacturing organizations succeed across the world.