Len Silverston, Founder and President
Len Silverston is a best-selling author, consultant and speaker with over 25 years of experience helping organizations integrate their information, systems and people. Mr. Silverston is a thought leader in the fields of data modeling, data management and in the human dynamics of integrating information. He has been a pioneer in the field, most notably by developing an extensive library of "Universal Data Models", or re-usable models, which he has used to help many organizations to develop data models in much less time, with much greater quality. 

Mr. Silverston is the author of The Data Model Resource Book series, which describe over 230 reusable, holistic data models. It  was rated #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller List and has been translated into Chinese. In 2009, he co-authored and published his latest work, “The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 3, Universal Patterns for Data Modeling”.

Mr. Silverston has published many articles and has been a keynote speaker around the world at many international conferences talking on subjects ranging from re-usable models for integration, to politics, power and culture in information management.

Mr. Silverston is the winner of the prestigious DAMA (Data Administration Management Association) International Professional Achievement Award for 2004 and the DAMA International Community Award for 2006. Mr. Silverston's company, Universal Data Models, provides consulting, training, publications and software to enable integration of information, systems and people via “Universal” solutions. Mr. Silverston is also a fully ordained Zen priest and provides assistance and services via ‘Zen With Len’